It’s time to start putting the repeater up and energizing it!

Sep 8, 2023

Well folks the time has come to start putting the repeater up and energizing it. The radios have been programmed, and the antenna has been tuned and the frequencies have been obtained.

We will be installing the antenna and turning it active within the next 2 weeks

TX: 444.025 +5

RX; 449.025

Tone; 88.5


This is a Ham Band Frequency so Please remember that you have to hold a Ham Certification License to transmit on this frequency.

So anyone who is a Ham Operator in any of you groups may transmit using there Callsign

And please remember this is ONLY an EMERGENCY Frequency, so please respect that and don’t use it for a talk channel.

Or I will have no choice in turning it off for use.

I am confident that having an Emergency Channel for use in the East Kootenays will have its advantages, Fires, Floods and accidents that need assistance fast.

Please ask a Ham operator in your clubs you belong to act as an Liaison to report.

And thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey to make this project a success.

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